We are artists, bakers, chemists, engineers.

ABC Monsters is a teacher run academic program at your school.
How amazing is that! 


Educators have so much to offer

As a teacher - I am filled with so many ideas. I love to teach and I wanted a way for educators like me to teach the things they love and are passionate about. Educators have so much to offer.

We pick up your kids from their classroom and if your child goes to after care, we make sure s/he is returned.


2022 Schedule


Classes start the week of August 22nd, 2022

WIN! WIN! Did you know a portion of the proceeds goes directly to the PFC?

An amazing class for your child and donation to your school - that's how we ABC Monster it.



We are here to help!
How will my child get to the specialty class?
ABC Monsters will provide a master list to WACC. Jaime requests an email from you (the parent) to OK the pick up of your child.

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